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SBO is pleased to present the 2017 Directors’ Resource Guide Directors’ Resource Guide.

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Editor’s Note: It’s often said by students that they don’t think they learn enough about the real world in school, like finding a job, contracts, taxes, and other important life skills. Jennifer once again delivers street ­level experience for your students on the path to a symphony career.

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With the new year begun and 2017 a few weeks in, it’s time to start thinking about...2018. Wait a minute, you might be thinking. I just now finally got my holiday cards in the mail.

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Last year we were celebrating the end of “No Child Left Behind” and the new “ESSA” or Every Child Succeeds Act,” wherein the arts were, for the first time determined to be part of a well­-rounded curriculum. I went to Capitol Hill with educators, manufacturers, and members of NAMM to observe them asking their representatives to fully fund the bill, and to thank them for supporting it. It seemed like a hopeful couple of days walking around the House of Representatives. I left there thinking things were moving forward.

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MAC Corner

Literacy can signify a diverse intention and, in fact, our rehearsals can provide us with opportunities to teach literacy in every sense of the word.

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Early in 2017, the world experienced marching music excellence from some of Drum Corps International’s (DCI) top corps, once again highlighting the international reach of DCI. Bluecoats, Blue Knights, Crossmen, and Santa Clara Vanguard, performing in some of the world’s most famous events, are putting their ensembles and DCI on the global stage and building awareness and appreciation for marching music in many forms.

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