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The more I teach the more I realize that any success we experience in the music program is due to several key factors which include: the ability to model a strong vision, the ability to model musicianship, and the ability/confidence to let the students do the work and own the program.

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It all begins with a single idea – sometimes concrete, sometimes not so concrete. Ideas begin to take form when the show designers put their concepts to music, add visual elements, color, props, and innovations.

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String Section

Expenses quickly accrue to levels not all musicians’ families can manage; it is probably the most obvious of factors cited again and again by those who discontinue serious study.

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Current Issue

Lee Koonce is the president and artistic director for the Gateways Music Festival and senior adviser to the dean of the Eastman School of Music.

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Few software programs have had the staying power of Finale. When it was released it immediately became the standard by which all other notation programs were measured.

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Current Issue

Dan Ryder has been in business since 1976, and provides band directors with custom designed or predesigned shows for their bands, and has written the definitive textbook to teach you how to design marching drills. SBO caught up with Ryder at the TMEA show in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss his book. 

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Current Issue

While a public-address system is not necessarily required to hold a marching band practice or rehearsal, it certainly makes it a lot easier on both the band director and the ensemble.

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Band alumni groups for a specific band were featured in the March School Band & Orchestra issue. Another form of band alumni groups is a band in the St. Petersburg, Florida area now celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Read more: The Awesome Second Time Around Marching Band of St. Petersburg, Florida


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