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Talent, intelligence, determination, enthusiasm, hard work, ambition and passion do not recognize or honor man-made boundaries such as neighborhoods and their demographics.

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I would like to thank my longtime friend and talented cellist for collaboration on this article; many of our growing pains happened together and we wish to do what we can to limit the necessity of such stories in the broader community of young professionals learning the trade.

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At some point, all of us will get forced out of our comfort zone. Think about the first day you spent in a methods class unrelated to your primary instrument. At the Crane School of Music, I found myself (a tuba player) in a string methods class for string majors and was handed a cello.

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The world-famous John Philip Sousa Band featured a soprano soloist in many of their concerts. Like his instrumentalists, his vocalists were the best in the world.

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Q: How many trombone players does it take to play The Beatles’ “Penny Lane”?

A: Just one, if the player is Christopher Bill. Bill uses loops and effects to create complex all-trombone versions of pop songs.

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Growing up (yes, I am old), I remember my dad stopping at the gas station by the soft serve ice cream shop.

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It was the first school period after lunch when the door to the band hall opened and the student gathering absentee slips poked his head in to announce: “The president has been shot in Dallas.”

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Playing in a school band or orchestra can be a satisfying and enriching experience for students. School ensembles offer many potential benefits for student musicians, some of which can last a lifetime and extend to areas outside of music. Here are 25 reasons for students to love playing in a school band or orchestra:

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My whole life started because of a music trip. Wait...that sounds worse than it is. What I mean is that so many of the incredible things that have become my life started because of a music trip.

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I am going to discuss rehearsal techniques for training a mallet and percussion section in your marching band. Many of these techniques can also be used in regular band rehearsal. Here are some helpful hints.

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