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It was an unfortunate day for music instructors and students everywhere when the likes of the #metoo movement spread to the world of band and orchestra this spring.

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As a quick introduction, I retired from the U.S. Army a few years ago after 37 plus years culminating as Leader and Commander of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own.”

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The impetus for this article came from continually discovering that many of the most accomplished and recognized school music programs were actively participating in various independent music competitions.

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John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) started his own band in 1892, which toured and played until his death in 1932. It was made up of over 1,169 different musicians over that 40-year span of time.

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Education, whether of an institutional nature or otherwise, can take many forms.

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Finally—summer. Congratulations…you have made it to the end of the school year and survived the sprint of final concerts, finishing grades, graduation, festival performances, spring musical, and any of the other activities that tend to get squeezed into the last four weeks of school.

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Let’s be honest, some of our concerts are not very exciting. The music might be performed with precision, the students might look great in their uniforms, but if our audiences can’t wait to hit the parking lot, then we’ve missed an opportunity to help them learn about music and get excited about music education.

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The good news: My original intent for this column this month was to announce how cool it is to welcome Colonel (Retired) Thomas H. Palmatier to the writing roster at SBO.

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Every year I do a tour of Southern Illinois nursing homes called “Operation Give Hope.” When I see the looks in the eyes of the audience members that I perform for, I immediately am reminded “THIS IS why I do music.”

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While our colleagues and peers in the industry today know our father as Bob Rogers, founder of our business, when I was five, he was just my dad, a high school band director, leading his students at competitions across the country.

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