Mike Lawson (c) Sterling OrtizI recently returned from another annual trip to Frankfurt, Germany where I again attend the Musikmesse/ProLight + Sound tradeshow. Some of our American readers will have never heard of this event. While attendended is similar in size at both the NAMM and Musikmesse/ProLight + Sound show, the amount of exhibit space used and the meeting facilities employed in Frankfurt are enormously different.

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Shutterstock Music Student playing PianoStudents continue to participate in our music programs because they cannot imagine school without the meaningful engagement that our courses provide. For one reason or another however, we continue to lose some students along the way.

One Iowa school district came to the realization that they could do something about it. Below is their story and some initial steps they are taking to work toward the vision of retaining 100 percent of their students.

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Will KuhnOhio's Award-Winning, Pioneering High School Music Technology Educator
Will Kuhn teaches music technology at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio, and also serves as district music coordinator for Lebanon City Schools. In 2006, he designed the pop music focused music tech program, which now involves over 350 students annually.

In 2015, he was named the TI:ME Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year by his peers in the Technology Institute for Music Educators. SBO sat down with Will to learn more about his innovative approach to teaching music technology at his high school, and how he put together a program that has succeeded in teaching thousands of students for nearly a decade.

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Figure 1: Getting OrganizedOur first two installments in this series covered proper ensemble recording and EQ, which like any musical skill will improve with practice. For the brave and/or crazy folks out there, this article will discuss editing a stereo recording by combining multiple recording takes. This is valuable not only for recording, but for editing together songs (with permission) for color guard or dance routines.

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Garage Band Chapter header artEditor’s Note: GarageBand is a powerful tool for teaching musical composition and ideas to all levels of students. With the availability of GarageBand on the iPad and even iPhones, it has become a nearly-ubiquitous tool available to educators and students alike. Packing in multiple features such as MIDI, virtual instruments, multi-track recording, effects, and an array of signal processors, GarageBand hosts a wide variety of options available for shaping your sounds, and crafting fun and interesting projects for your students.

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Figure 1Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoy this first installment of our new feature column in SBO, “Meet Your Makers,” where we plan to give you a look at how the instruments and tools you use are created from raw materials to finished product. To kick off this new column, SBO invited D’Addario Woodwinds to submit in their own words an article to share with our readers on just what it takes to create the reeds you use everyday in your school music band programs.

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Shutterstock SaxophoneTo the beginning student, the saxophone can be both alluring and intimidating.  A beautiful instrument to behold, it is also bristling with mysterious keys.  Even after some time playing, many young saxophonists still may not be quite sure what each key’s purpose is. This article seeks to aid the student in discovering the possibilities of all of those “extra buttons,” and to allow them to always have the right fingering for the right occasion.

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PraciceFirst Screenshot - Valley SongPracticeFirst, the new online practice and assessment tool from MusicFirst and MatchmySound is now available.

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(c) Sterling OrtizWith the recent headlines about the $7.3 million dollar verdict against Robin Thicke and Pharrell for their song “Blurred Lines” and its now-decided infringement case from the estate of the late, great Marvin Gaye for his song “Got to Give It Up,” it seems a good time to talk about respecting the oh-so-complicated world of music when it comes to copyrights.

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NAMM Foundation NSBAPublic school leaders from across the country experienced the power of music during the National School Board Association’s (NSBA) 75th annual conference in Nashville, May 21-23, 2015. The NAMM Foundation infused music into the Music City conference, while supporting efforts that will make music education accessible to all students, and celebrating the recently announced 2015 Best Communities for Music Education.

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