The superstar of concert band music releases beginning band method. Frank Ticheli’s new beginning band method, Making Music Matter, has just hit the stores. SBO recruited Manhattan Beach Music’s director, Bob Margolis’ to interview Frank, (who wrote the music) along with Gregory B. Rudgers (who wrote the exercises and created the pedagogical sequence) to share what’s behind this new method and why they wrote it.

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It’s surprising that so many monitors are chosen by a review or word of mouth, since they’re such a personal item. Here are some things to think about before you purchase a set of speakers.’

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Most students think of practicing as spending time playing an instrument to build proficiency on the instrument or to improve their ability to play a piece of music, or both. However, it is possible to achieve both these goals by not actually playing an instrument but by engaging oneself in other ways that could boost both technical and music-reading skills.

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SBO Goes to Modern Band Rockfest and Symposium 2016

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It all started with pins in a corkboard or tin soldiers on a tabletop or drafting tools and a blank sheet of paper. “Brilliant” ideas played out with notes scribbled on whatever was handy. Band directors took these notes and ideas to the practice field and literally moved their people around just like the pins and toy soldiers to create the formations....and voila... a field show.

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As the marching season fades behind us and we move into a more concert band-focused period of the year, we are all looking for ways to improve the sounds of our indoor ensembles. Amongst the many factors we have to contend with – tone quality, rhythmic and pitch accuracy, intonation, and more – one item can often hide from our ears “in plain sight” as it were: balance.

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Many of us have just completed another summer of performing in community summer bands or orchestras— the once per week, concert in the park ensembles that play a wide variety of repertoire.

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As the fall semester draws to an end, many students and directors are turning their musical efforts to the preparations necessary for concert festival and solo and ensemble contests. In the coming months, many groups and individual young people will perform for mysterious people who are busy scribbling furiously on adjudication sheets.

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I always had dogs growing up, and they were an integral part of our family. When I was a senior in college my family had to say goodbye to our dog of 12 years, Lucky.

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