Your music students can take the gifts of their passion, talent and skill, beyond their school performance days with a career in music therapy.

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The following is an article that encompasses middle school band rehearsal techniques, specifically how our staff at Waukee Middle School, Iowa, collaborates on teaching students how to get into the details of the music to create the most fulfilling musical experience.

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Current Issue

If you find yourself amongst public school music teachers who are working on their lead guitar licks, learning to rap, figuring out how to record students’ original compositions, and crowd surfing to the latest pop songs, you can only be in one place Modern Band Rockfest.

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Current Issue

Now that 2017 DCI Summer Tour is in the history books, it’s already time to get ready to take your turn on marching music’s biggest stage.

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String Section

As with any other situation in which one must study and prepare to perform under pressure, musicians have many different ways of getting from point A (discovering the timeline and content of the concert) to point B (successfully executing the expected music in a culmination-type experience).

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MAC Corner

When considering the components of a successful music program, the development of a Music Booster Organization counts as one of the most vital.

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Most teachers would agree, there’s no more important aspect to learning to sing or play an instrument than regular structured practice.

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Several years ago, while still working as a travel planner, I was the on-site tour director for one of my client groups.

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Some say laughter is the best medicine, but I am going to go with music.

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