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Charms is a do-it-all 24/7 cloud-based management system designed to allow the director or booster group to spread out the workload of managing a student or civic organization, and improve communications across the board. Charms works on any internet-connected device, including free mobile apps. It is designed to help the Director delegate tasks, though unlimited additional user logins and customized access control, your people can all work simultaneously, from multiple devices! It is the ultimate communication tool between director and parents, with unlimited email, texting, and phone messaging capabilities, as well as individual student financial statements, a full online store, and the ability for parents to make online payments. You can also organize and manage your Inventory, uniforms, library, contacts, calendaring/volunteers, and much more. There is also a full assessment area, with recording studio, gradebook, practice logs, and more, if you need it. Charms is simply the most affordable product of its kind, at about $1 per day, and will more than pay for itself through time savings, improved communication (and happier parents!), and accurate tracking of student financials and asset management -- and includes a no-obligation 60-day evaluation period for you to try us out, with no risk! Learn more about the myriad features of Charms, at -- and sign up for a trial account, at ! Get Your Life Back, with Charms!
1985 Forest Lane
Garland, TX 75042
Contact: Paul Brown, Marketing
P: (972) 485-1912
Online Resources
Relevance: Jazz, Band & Orchestra, Choral


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