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David E. Smith Publications, LLC

4826 Shabbona Rd.
Deckerville, MI 48427
Publishing / Teaching Resources: Publications for the instrumentalist in church or school, a Catalog of over 5,000 arrangements by more than 100 writers. It includes graded solos and ensembles for woodwinds, brass, strings, piano, and orchestra, band and mix-n-match- most significant in the product line are "Pepsembles," "Hymnsembles,""Hymns for Multiple Instruments," and "Heritage." "Lines and Spaces®" is the free company Newsletter with articles on pedagogy, philosophy, products and humor. DESPUB is also the owner of "Majestic Music Publications," "Psalm 150 Publications," and "River Song Productions," as well as their own product line and serve as the exclusive distributor for "Rich Heffler Music," "Ken Bauer Productions," "Light Of The World Music," and, "Stockton Music Services." They serve as a dealer for "The Salvation Army" and other sacred and music publishers. The web site contains the Newsletter indexed, Hot Links, Catalog items, What's New, Dealer List and other company information. The site has convenient search and query functions as well as a secure shopping cart. Both sites provide sound clips and visual files of hundreds of arrangements. A third website, serves as a tool for those in that venue. FREE Catalogs, appendix and samplers are available for the asking- in print, on CD, or website download.
Relevance: Band & Orchestra


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