Fixtures & Equipment

Small World, Inc. manufactures and customizes music folders for band, choir and orchestra with imprinting services and many configurations for your needs. Performance gear from music stands to LED lights are selected to be of similar world-leading design. Made in North America, our folders are used by top musical groups around the world and you may order online or have your local store order in for you.
Box 60582 RPO Granville Park
Vancouver, BC V6H 4B9
Contact: Ian Bullen, President
P: (604) 733-3995
P: (877) 246-7253
    Musical Instrument & Accessories Manufacturers
    Musical Instrument & Accessories Dealers
    Fixtures & Equipment: music folders, RAT stands, The Jazz Stand, Mighty Bright LED music lights, Smart Easel
    Relevance: Jazz, Band & Orchestra, Choral


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