Instruments & Gear

The new Hammer of the Gods drumsticks from Techra are the most powerful and durable drumsticks for hard hitters and heavy metal drummers.

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Instruments & Gear

SnapCards, Sight-Reading Skill Building Flashcards in a “Snap”!  by Theresa Pritchard from Carl Fischer Music is a series of skill-building flashcards that helps students learn to sight read.

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Instruments & Gear

The Select Jazz Tenor Mouthpieces from D’Addario Woodwinds are milled from solid rod rubber using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology.

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Instruments & Gear

Crystal Records now offers recordings of the Westwood Wind Quintet performing the 24 quintets of Anton Reicha (1770-1836).

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Instruments & Gear

Techra has introduced new low-noise E-Rhythm drumsticks for acoustic and electronic drums sets.

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Instruments & Gear

The Tour Custom Maple drum set from Yamaha is great for both recording and live performances.

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Instruments & Gear

These mouthpiece cushions are created to reduce mouthpiece wear and protect sensitive teeth while performing.

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Instruments & Gear

The Vocalize! Canon Collection from Alfred Music is the follow-up to the best-selling Vocalize! book.

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Instruments & Gear

A Manual for the Modern Drummer by Alan Dawson and Don DeMicheal, originally published in 1962, helps players to learn jazz drums from one of the classic texts of jazz drumming.

Read more: ‘A Manual for the Modern Drummer’ from Hal Leonard

Instruments & Gear

These bass guitar strings from Ernie Ball are tailored to fit short scale (~30”) basses.  

Read more: Super Slinky Bass Guitar Strings from Ernie Ball

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