The Ultimate Winter Orchestra

The ICEconcert Hall in Luleå, Sweden.
While much of the U.S. slogs through a cold, snowy winter, a group of artistic-minded people from an area where harsh winter weather is the norm have adapted some unique creative outlets. In what might be the most extreme ensemble of its kind, a Scandinavian group has created an entire orchestra out of ice. Ice Music, based in Swedish Lapland, some of the northernmost inhabited territory on the planet, is a performing group that plays in a giant igloo on instruments built out of blocks of ice.

In order to protect the fragile instruments, (they call them “icestruments” – get it?) the concert hall is maintained at a steady temperature of -5 Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), which is just slightly warmer than the average winter temperatures for the region. Check out this video for more:

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