Building Exciting Web Pages – Part 2

Mike Lawson • Archives • June 1, 2000

Part one of this Web page development series in SBO’s January, 2000, issue focused on the fundamentals of Web page construction. Once you get your first Web page posted, you will be amazed how quickly you are motivated to incorporate enhancements to make your site more interesting. Graphic additions are usually the most popular. Some immediate things you can add to make your Web page more exciting and perhaps more readable are: Post fancy backgrounds, photographs, calendars, grades and a counter to the Web site to keep track of how many people visit your Web site.

Simple Enhancements
Once you have posted your first Web page, there is a natural itch to enhance the sound and graphics to make it more attractive. A fancy background is a quick first step. You can go to either of two URLs — or — which contain many colorful and artistic colored backgrounds, and instantly download one onto your computer. Once downloaded, you can add a simple line into your HTML file and post that file on your Web page for immediate gratification.

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