Developing A Balanced Practice Routine For Trumpet

Mike Lawson • Archives • April 9, 2008

Developing a balanced practice routine is essential for every trumpet player, from the middle school beginner to the professional. The goal of these practice sessions should be quality, not always quantity; I often tell my students to “practice smart, not hard.” It is important to develop a routine that will streamline warm-ups for maximum effectiveness without sacrificing good habits, a routine that will enable players to maintain, in a limited time frame, embouchure, endurance and flexibility.

Set the Tone
Good tone is the foundation, the “kickoff,” so to speak, for everything a trumpet player does, so developing a good basic tone should be a young player’s first priority. A good tone is focused, centered, clear, and resonant, projecting rich sound vibrations. This takes time to develop, but it is well worth it, as getting the right tone is the foundation for good intonation, good nuance, and good balance in the band.

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