Travel Preparation: Planning a Successful Trip

Mike Lawson • Travel/Festivals • October 21, 2006

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By Amy M. Knopps and Tim Greenwell

Traveling together and making music is an outstanding combination to offer your ensemble. The decision to take a major trip can provide your students with the opportunity of a lifetime. This opportunity includes performing music at a high level, traveling to far-away destinations, staying in hotels, swimming in pools, shopping and sightseeing – all while creating long-lasting memories that will be cherished forever. No matter how much our students love playing their instruments and being a part of our ensemble, once we uttered the words, “Holiday Bowl” and ” San Diego,” students immediately asked, “When do we leave?”

Planning for a successful trip is no easy task. It involves countless hours of work and dedication through many challenges. It can, however, be a much more rewarding experience if the trip is well thought out in advance collectively by your staff, parent organization and students. In this article, we will share our journey to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, Calif., and identify elements needed to plan a successful trip with your ensemble.

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