‘A.I.M.’ Books Now Sold Through J.W. Pepper

Mike Lawson • News • August 23, 2018

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Solutions for Teachers has announced that their assessment book series entitled “A.I.M.” is now being sold through J.W. Pepper. A.I.M. (Achievement in Music) provides a simple and organized approach to assessing band students.

Comprised of 210 short assessments for beginner through advanced high school senior, band directors will never need to “come up with” another test again. This unique assessment system was tested and hand-built in a band room with real students and real band directors, each with over 25 years’ experience with grades 4-12.

A.I.M. is quickly becoming an essential component in band rooms across the country, providing a solution to the issue of vertical alignment across grade levels and schools. It also helps band directors deal with the wide spread abilities often found in classrooms by allowing students to move at the pace that they choose. This means that the best players and slower learners will be challenged equally, so nobody feels bored or rushed. Additionally, the etudes are all labeled with the current common anchors for music education.

Accompanying cloud based software is also available to track progress, chair students, recognize achievement goals, and show clear growth statistics for conferences and teacher evaluations.


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