Camp Offers Students Lessons In Playing Instruments, Singing

Mike Lawson • News • March 16, 2016

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Kaia Gray learned to play a cello for the first time this week, a feat the Scranton third-grader wouldn’t have mastered without the weeklong music camp at West Scranton High School.

“It’s really cool and it has a really good tune,” said Kaia, an Isaac Tripp Elementary student.

The camp, organized by high school music teacher Karen Lotz, celebrated Music in our Schools Month while providing an opportunity for second- through eighth-graders to learn or master playing an instrument or singing. Mrs. Lotz volunteered to run the free camp along with district music teacher Frank Jones and retired music educator Bill Roditski. More than 30 elementary and intermediate students participated.

The camp ends with a free show.

With music classes being eliminated or reduced in the district, the camp gave the three educators a chance to expose young students to the power of music and create an interest that may follow them through high school, Ms. Lotz said. With so many sports programs aimed at younger kids, she said she wanted a program for the students who aren’t interested in athletics.

“It’s neat to see the different students come in and learn different instruments,” said Mr. Jones, who teaches at the high and four elementary schools.

Each school has a different music program, he said, but the camp gave the students an opportunity to try something new.

“It gets them excited and they tell their parents ‘hey, why don’t we have this at my school,’ ” he said.

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