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  • 2020 Survey Report on COVID-19’s Impact

    In December, we surveyed previous recipients of the “50 Directors Who Make A Difference” honor from the past three years on their experience teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. We decided it would be a good idea to also survey the readers of the magazine for their own thoughts from the 2020-2021 school year under COVID-19. The results are not that different; in fact, they mirror what our esteemed designation recipients reported, by and large.

  • A Guide To Computer Audio Interfaces

    Getting audio into and out of a computer can be confusing – not necessarily because of the actual process or software used, but because there are so many choices when it comes to actually picking an interface before you get started.

  • An Interview with UCF Fine Arts Dean/Professor of Percussion Jeff Moore

    Please tell the readers a brief history of you as an artist and educator.

    For my undergraduate degree in Music Education, I went to the University of North Texas where I studied with Bob Schietroma, Ron Fink, and Ed Soph. I went to the University of Wisconsin for my Master’s Degree in Percussion Performance and studied with James H. Latimer.

  • Colonel’s Book Club: ‘The Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know’

    I can’t remember when I have been more enthusiastic about a book for educators than I am about “The Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know,” by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson.

  • Distance Learning Best Practices to Support Your Online Songwriters

    Before schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching songwriting in the classroom provided our students with instant feedback and support. When the necessary tools were present in the same room—instruments, recording gear, and, most importantly, teachers and students—teaching songwriting felt organic and natural.

  • Grade 3 Ensemble Books that Can Take the ‘Meh’ Out of Your Group

    I don’t know about you, but January seems extra “meh” this year. A good deal of music educator association groups around the world have cancelled the usual festivals and contests, or have taken them virtual this year, leading to goal posts and repertoire selection that looks a little different from a normal year.

  • Hal Leonard, Over 70 Years Later: A print publisher’s perspective on moving online

    Music educators will probably always remember the exact day and time in March of 2020 when they were told they had to move their entire program online. From there, the rest of 2020 was a whirlwind of trying to teach through video, engage students, learn new technologies, create new curriculums, and constantly try and figure out when and how to mute and unmute microphones. We all had to pivot, adapt, adjust, take a deep breath, and keep pushing forward for our students.

  • Happy New Year?

    Well, 2020 is over. That pretty much sucked, didn’t it? I am so eager to say, “Happy New Year” and hope you all have glad tidings and wonderful months ahead, but I don’t want to jinx it. The year started out so good, so full of hope and promise with lots of exciting plans in front of me.

  • Navigating Copyright During COVID-19

    Besides everything else, 2020 has brought us a rich new vocabulary of words and phrases we use daily, like “social distancing,” “asymptomatic” and “flatten the curve.” For music educators, the list might also include “virtual choir,” “bell cover,” and “choir mask!”

  • Take a Deep Breath and Blow, Part 2

    Reinforcement, Reinforcement, Reinforcement!

    Wouldn’t it be easier if we had signs that we could hold up in front of our students each time we needed to repeat ourselves? Just think of all the vocal rest our vocal cords would get.

  • The Lewis Prize for Music: A Revolutionary Grant

    The mission of the Lewis Prize for Music is to partner with leaders and their groups who create positive change by investing in young people through music.

  • The Self-Care Strategy You Need to Implement Today

    It can hardly be contested that music educators need to be zealous about self-care in the best of times, with the long hours associated with performances, and the high-stress quotient of so much of what we do.

  • What Have We Learned from COVID-19?

    Friday, November 13, 2020. I’m not superstitious. That’s a lie. I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. Eight months since the last Friday the 13th. March 13th. The end of that week. It’s really only been ten months?

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