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I spent the first five (or more) years as an orchestral professional in a perpetual state of panic and/or frustration. I over-prepared.

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MusicEd: Mentor Minute

Your classroom setup can make or break your year. Whether it’s having tissues handy for the occasional runny nose or displaying the right posters to engage your students when they’re not engaged in rehearsal, having these essentials in your room can help make sure this year is your best one yet.

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When the Florida Department of Education chose its Teacher of the Year for 2019/2020, it could be seen not only as an achievement for the individual, Dr. Dakeyan Chá Dré Graham of C. Leon King High School (Tampa, Florida), but also as a win for music teachers throughout the state.

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Buffalo, New York is known for many things, including Buffalo Wings that are rapidly replacing the hot dog as the All-American food at baseball games and other sporting events. In [my home-base of] Moultrie, Georgia, the director of the local sports rehabilitation center (a Buffalo native) proudly displays his signed Buffalo Bills football and helmet.

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Music is ubiquitous, so it is no surprise that entrepreneurially speaking it is a diverse field with myriad careers.

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Modern Band

Jasmine Faulkner will be quick to tell you that she was no expert on audio equipment going in to her job as a K-12 music teacher in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Change doesn’t come easy to a band director. If we are any good, we have an established routine, a formidable structure, and a reliable way of doing things. You depend on it, the students depend on it, the school kind of rolls with it; you’re the band director.

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When I first stepped foot in a classroom, I had almost no training in Special Education - that was 20 years ago - and still don’t have a lot of formal training.

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In the July issue of SBO, I suggested starting a “book club” where every three months I would suggest a book that might be of use to SBO readers.

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MAC Corner

Now that the school year has started, it’s not too early to remember recruiting and retention.

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Directors who make a Difference

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