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The next entry in “Colonel’s Book Club” is Make It Stick by Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel. This book was suggested to me by a colleague and it is a fascinating study about how we really learn (and therefore how we really should teach).

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Administrators who evaluate performance-based music classes may not be musicians, but they often expect us to conform to the flow of more academic subjects, like LAL or math.

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Most of us have been locked down now for more than two months. Many of you have been working diligently trying to find ways to engage your students in meaningful ways with music.

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Modern Band

When the coronavirus outbreak sent all teachers home from school to start distance learning, music teachers had to come up with a new game plan, fast. For some, the challenge was figuring out how to have authentic music making experiences with their students online. For others, it was simply finding out if and how they could communicate with students at all.

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Around mid-March, South Philadelphia High School music director Courtney Powers had a vehicle so stuffed with instruments, you would have thought that she was going on tour.

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Summer usually brings many fun learning opportunities for student musicians that might include day camps, resident summer camps, and travel with new friends and instructors.

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MusicEd: Mentor Minute

One of the biggest concerns music teachers are faced with this month is this: What will our classroom look like when school resumes?

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Many people, including some teachers I have met, assume percussionists just hit or strike a drum or mallet instrument. This assumption cannot be farther from the truth.

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MAC Corner

Every music teacher’s dream is to create and foster a quality program where students enjoy performing life-altering repertoire at the highest level possible.

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Current Issue

With over three million teachers serving close to 51 million students throughout the United States alone, it’s no surprise that talk about school closures, the shift to distance learning, and the uncertainty surrounding the future of education has led much of the conversation during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Directors who make a Difference

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