Finding Practical Solutions for Performance Programs

As a band, choir or orchestra director, it’s your job to get —and keep— kids engaged and bring them together as an ensemble, so they each understand their part and sound good as a group. That’s not an easy task for a multitude of reasons.

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PlayUSA announced its grant recipients for this next school year, 2019-20, on July 16. Seventeen recipients were named, including five first-time grant partners.

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Modern Band

Modern band teachers are constantly looking for ways to innovate the classroom experience for their music makers.

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String Section

Tips for Integrating and Initiating New Orchestra Members into the Classroom

We all know that orchestra classes are not one teacher giving lessons to a whole bunch of students at one time.

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Those of you who are old enough might remember Moore’s Law, the idea that computing power would double every 1-2 years.

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Current Issue

This time of year, we have loads of fresh music teachers coming into their new classrooms for the first time. Most are well aware of the challenges, and many have taken extra steps to seek out mentorship and advice through a variety of outlets.

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I am often asked to guest conduct and do clinics for ensembles and their most frequent request is that I work on a march.

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There are many factors to consider when performing a live concert. Proper preparation and planning ahead can make a huge difference whether the concerts are successful or not.

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MAC Corner

Have you seen or heard #MSFQ and wondered what it means? It stands for More to Start and Fewer to Quit, and that’s what the First Performance National Day of Celebration is all about!

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Wow, summer is wrapping up! Some of you are back in school now, the rest of you are on your way back.

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