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A suggested teaching and exercise schedule for navigating at-home lessons If there’s a word that’s been floating around every teaching Facebook group while educators band together to navigate the current COVID-19 crisis, it’s order.

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The world of music education (and everything else!) is changing on a daily basis as the world reacts to the coronavirus. By the time you’re reading this, nearly every school in America will have embarked on the brave new world of “remote learning.” I was busily preparing to conduct the Alabama All-State Band in a few weeks and like most band and orchestra festivals and performances, it has been cancelled.

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MusicEd: Mentor Minute

At the end of 2019, I made one of the best decisions of my life – I started my Doctorate of Education degree. Being the non-traditional music educator that I am, I opted for a degree in Instructional Design (ID).

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Modern Band

As music teachers, we are currently facing a time of incredible challenges that require us to rethink how we continue to work with and care for the students we serve.

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The role of the music director and staff at times is a combination of parent, mentor, counselor, priest, and best friend. Many of your tools didn’t come with your college degree(s). It is a combination of active listening, leadership, and compassion. This current health situation is a “pop quiz” on your capabilities.

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So, your school is closed and now you have to do all your work from home without your familiar routine or friends around. Now what?! This is your opportunity to create the educational environment to help you learn the best! Here are some strategies to be effective academically, socially, and emotionally:

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As the coronavirus continues to spread and dominate the news, students, parents, and teachers are seeking information on keeping musical instruments sanitized. Since the sharing of instruments is an easy way to transmit germs, it’s important for students’ health that we keep those instruments clean and sanitized.

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Whether we like it or not, we are now in the Covid-19 era – a global pandemic that will likely have widespread repercussions on every aspect of our lives. One of first disruptions was the preemptive closing of schools across the country with a shift to teaching students remotely using technology. For many teachers, especially music teachers, they have been thrust into the unknown. Few, if any, have had experience teaching performance ensembles and classroom music remotely.

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How do students keep up their practice of percussion when the grocery store shelves are empty of food and essential bathroom items? I can definitely give advice for the percussion part of that question.

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I can’t believe my luck, last month talking about the Type A Flu I got coming home from TMEA (in my Choral Director editorial) and segueing into the need to make your program infectious, um, so to speak. Who saw this coming this severely and happening here?

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