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For over two decades, New York City-based Realtime Music Solutions (RMS) has been delivering solutions for rehearsing music to the musical theater market. Through software products, RMS has helped countless national, regional, and local theater productions, in addition to serving the school musical production community. And like everyone, when COVID-19 hit, their business was hit hard. No productions means no rehearsals.

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Current Issue

“Yes, sir,” “No, sir,” or “See the director, sir,” were the only acceptable responses to any question asked by a judge at any band competition. This was the level of discipline instilled and expected of a Miami Senior High School “Million Dollar” Marching Band member.

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Music can be one of the most powerful ways to bring people together. For many musicians, this realization often comes with their experiences in school band and from their educators. Here’s how Grammy-nominated producer, singer, composer and woodwind player extraordinaire Scott Mayo got his start, and how the lessons he learned in his early days not only helped shape his career but also led to an unshakeable belief in the power of music.

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“We already do that in music education.” How many times have you uttered that phrase under your breath as your district unveiled its latest pedagogical initiative? From high impact outcomes to greater personal meaning, student choice to Bloom’s Taxonomy, from critical thinking to project-based learning, the response is often the same. In a sense, we are the lucky ones, the chosen few who don’t lose sleep over how to incorporate the latest educational trend into our curricula.

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Balancing life and work gets so overwhelming that few band directors take time to critically analyze the macro- and micro-effects of how their program and teaching practices can impact disadvantaged people.

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Every band director recognizes the importance of giving students a good start, but few turn the concept around to consider the essential role that teaching beginners has in focusing and refining their own abilities as a teacher and director.

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Modern Band

Necessity is the mother of invention. Teaching music in a virtual environment can present challenges to the most seasoned educators. Teachers across the country are finding themselves in widely varying classroom situations, sometimes without instruments. As challenging as this new environment may be, it also presents opportunities to explore new and creative ways of making music.

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Many years ago, I attended a National Band Association conference at Northwestern University. One of the clinicians from a major university wind ensemble program spoke about score study.

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String Section

Music listening and playing is ultimately about sound. So why are you not using simple tools to enhance your teaching experience or your online learners experience?

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Audio Tech

It’s all well and good that you’re expertly prepared for your online session, but what about your students? There’s nothing worse than having someone (student or otherwise) disrupt a session because they can’t connect, can’t get their audio or video going, or has intermittent bandwidth.

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