D’Addario Orchestral Expands Accessories Line

SBO Staff • News • June 28, 2022

D’Addario Orchestral is excited to announce the expansion of their accessories line with three new offerings, the Bowmaster Bow Grip, Spector Violin Mute, Endpin Anchor for Cello and Double Bass, and Clarity Rosin, a hypoallergenic rosin (available July 1).

Bowmaster Bow Grip
The Bowmaster Bow Grip is an innovative teaching aid that helps beginners and younger players hold the bow, encouraging correct technique. The comfortable rubber grip easily and securely fits over the end of the bow. The Bowmaster’s low profile allows it to comfortably remain on the bow when placed in most standard bow or instrument cases. Available in two sizes, the Bowmaster is ideal for students and younger players. The large bow grip is suitable for 4/4 and 3/4 size violin, viola, and cello bows. The medium size is designed to fit bows for 1/2 and 1/4 size violin, viola, and cello.

Spector Mute
The Spector Mute for Violin reduces the volume of the violin during both practice and performance. The mute sits between the middle strings of the violin, sliding up towards the bride to engage, and back down to disengage. Its efficient design dampens volume and tone while making minimal contact. While not in use, the mute remains on the instrument without rattling or affecting the instrument’s sound. It is available in black and copper.

Endpin Anchor
The Endpin Anchor prevents the cello or bass from slipping and moving while playing, as well as protecting the floor from scratches. Its design easily grips a range of surfaces, including (but not exclusive to) carpet, wood, and concrete. Made from durable rubber, the End Pin Anchor is an essential accessory for cello and double bass players. It is available in clear and black.

Clarity Hypoallergenic Rosin
Available on July 1, D’Addario’s Clarity Hypoallergenic Rosin is a next generation synthetic rosin compound that goes on as clear as the sound it produces. The Clarity formula
contains hypoallergenic ingredients while delivering the same performance as pine rosins. Clarity Rosin is suitable for violin, viola, and cello and is housed in the same polypropylene tray as D’Addario’s Natural Rosin, it can also be used with the new Rosin Guard.

To learn more please visit https://ddar.io/OrchAccessories.PR.

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