Headlines: Jersey Surf Drum Corps Chooses Yorkville for Stadium Sound System

Mike Lawson • Features • April 7, 2015

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When New Jersey’s Jersey Surf needed to build a system for their drum corps, they looked to Yorkville Sound’s Paraline Series cabinets for a solution, and along the way found ways to tailor the expandable system to their highly specialized application.

Jersey Surf’s system had to be scalable to be adapted to the various venues and had to be reliable night after night in what can only be described as “far less than controlled” environments. The system needed to be highly mobile, with time from set up to performance often less than five minutes including sound check. Above all, the system needed to deliver superior sound quality and seamless coverage in venues that often include NFL stadiums.  

When system designer and engineer Joe Costable looked at these challenges he found the solution in Yorkville Sound’s Paraline Series PSA1 and PSA1S cabinets.

 “The design of the Paraline system is a great fit for the marching audio world for its compact design, minimal power requirements, and built-in audio processing features such as level control and crossover frequencies. Even coverage of the stadium seating front to back in both level and frequency response was achieved, as expected from a line array. Only an adjustment of the level control on each box was needed to calibrate the output to each venue.” 

The greatest challenge they faced in the system design was remotely powering the system. That was solved using a custom designed self-contained battery powered AC solution that allows the system to be rolled on to the field already running, eliminating the need for cumbersome AC feeds to the stacks.   

“While typical line array systems require more power than our self-contained system can provide, the Yorkville Paraline series at its core offered us a remarkably power-conscious solution. In order to keep things simple for a quick set up time, powered boxes with built-in processing are required, again, offered by the Paraline series.” A detailed description of Jersey Surf’s system can be found on Yorkville Sound’s website.         


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