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Excelcia Music Publishing’s new E-book subscription program provides music educators with digital online access to the publisher’s popular and flexible books, launching with its Adaptable Ensemble Series and Accessible Solo Repertoire books. For the price of a single year-long E-book subscription, educators obtain the ability to virtually distribute the books to all of their students.  

These E-books can be used by students at home -- or anywhere -- without worry of copies or copyright, all at the educators’ fingertips. In addition to virtual distribution of the E-books to all students, each E-book comes with exclusive access to play-along tracks for practice. A digital audio recorder is included with each E-book package allowing students to make recordings of themselves to share with their teachers and fellow classmates for feedback and evaluation, an indispensable tool for maintaining connections among students and teachers.

“At Excelcia Music Publishing, we are laser-focused on what teachers need most and our new E-books are exactly that. We are providing wide digital access and genuine flexibility, all at affordable prices,” said Larry Clark, president. “I am certain that music educators will find our E-book packages to be an invaluable resource during these challenging times and will keep them and their ensembles inspired and connected.”

Beginning with its flexible Adaptable Duets, Adaptable Trios and Adaptable Quartets series which can be used in any combination of wind and percussion instruments or any combination of string instruments, and the Accessible Solo Repertoire books written at grades 2-2.5, the publisher’s E-book offerings come in various, year-long options. E-book Set subscriptions come with year-long online access to all books in each series. E-book Bundles include a complete set of physical books with free shipping, in addition to the online access. A third option, Single E-books, allows educators to receive the E-book experience while flexibly selecting only the specific books that they need. All options include the virtual distribution to all students, exclusive access to play-along tracks, and the digital audio recorder.  

Other popular books in the publisher’s catalog will soon be available as E-books.

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