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Instruments & Gear

Lanikai Bass Ukuleles utilize many player-friendly features, such as a truss rod for easy action adjustments, a comfortable wide neck profile, select wood options, and smooth action Black open back tuners.

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Instruments & Gear

Ukulele Explorer, 10 Ukulele Lessons with Strum-Along Songs, from Alfred Music is a must-have interactive software resource for any music classroom equipped with ukuleles.

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Instruments & Gear

The Sonny Terry Heritage Edition Harmonica from Hohner posthumously commemorates one of the most influential artists in the blues harmonica scene.

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Instruments & Gear

Designed for growing hands, Luminote perussion instruments are a step up from traditional children’s musical instruments in size and sound quality. Luminote instruments feature enhanced comfort for playing, vibrant contrasting colors, and high-quality sound.

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Instruments & Gear

The Concert Black series of marimbas from Majestic Percussion is available with rosewood or Padauk bar models; each features black finished resonators, height adjustable frame, free floating bar posts, and nine graduations within the bar geometry, all at attractive price points.

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Instruments & Gear

The Rovner Platinum Gold ligature offers superb facility and response, a rich, distinctive presence, and a darker aspect that helps synthetic reeds sound more like cane.

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Instruments & Gear

Excelcia Music Publishing’s Adaptable Quartets is a timely expansion of its flexible instrumentation series, Adaptable Ensemble Series. Specifically designed for music classrooms where the number of students and instrumental make-up are unknown and changing by the day, Adaptable Quartets exponentially broadens options for music educators by providing genuine flexibility with quartets that can be used with any combination of wind and percussion instruments.

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Instruments & Gear

The Chedeville Teeth and Mouthpiece protector cushions are smaller than many other cushions because too large a patch can deaden vibrations from the mouthpiece, which takes away some of the richness in the sound.

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Instruments & Gear

The S.L.P. Sonic Stainless Steel snare drum features a 6.5”x14”, 1.2mm, stainless steel shell which delivers brightness, projection, and a huge supply of cutting tone.

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Instruments & Gear

Key Leaves’ new GapCap for saxophones replaces traditional saxophone end plugs or end caps and features a coil spring wall to provide the perfect fit inside the saxophone neck socket, no matter what make or model you play.

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