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Yamaha Arius YDP 163

Yamaha introduced the YDP-143 and YDP-163, the latest additions to the company’s popular Arius line of console digital pianos.

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Instruments & Gear

Yamaha has added the PSR-E453 and the PSR-EW400 to its popular family of portable keyboards, the best-selling line in the United States.

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Instruments & Gear

SABIAN has just announced the addition of Vanguard cymbals to its Remastered HH line. Designed to provide exceptional versatility and feel, each model in the HH Vanguard family responds to the touch in a way that will surprise you – and inspire you.

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Instruments & Gear

Enjoy your favorite hot beverage with the new marbleized mug designs from AIM Gifts. These glass mugs are available in a brown or blue finish and designed for the music lover. Pictured here are the G-Clef Marble Mugs. AIM carries a large selection of mugs and glassware in addition to over 10,000 music gift accessories.

Instruments & Gear

Rovner’s patented Rectangular Bore Clarinet Barrel just got better:  it has a new, lower MSRP of just $89.00, a new finish for better grip, and it is available in sizes 62-68 for optimal tuning. 

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Instruments & Gear

KMC Music announced that it is now shipping the new line of Paiste Formula 602, Giant Beat, and 2002 Sound Edge cymbals. 

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Instruments & Gear

Gretsch Renown Series The Gretsch Renown Series has been updated for 2016 to include Gretsch’s player-friendly, “302” hoops. Borrowed from the Brooklyn and Broadkaster series drums, these hoops are lighter in weight and less rigid than die cast hoops -- allowing the drum to better “breathe” and achieve maximum resonance.

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Instruments & Gear

Vater Tacky SackA grip enhancing rosin powder that absorbs moisture and provides added control of your drumsticks while performing in humid and sweaty conditions. Gently “clap” your hands on the Tacky Sack to apply rosin powder to your palms. Cord included to hang Tacky Sack from your snare drum, stick bag, hardware, etc.

Instruments & Gear

Ibanez SR300 Series Available in 4, 5, and 6-string versions, the SR300E, 305E and 306E are designed for experienced players. New pickups and EQ electronics give the SR300 series a new level of sound quality and control. New Ibanez “PowerSpan” dual coil pickups feature stainless steel poles for greater output, clarity, and fullness than any other pickup in its class. Accessed by a 3-way “Power Tap” switch, these proprietary pickups offer three tonal options: a rich humbucker sound, a pure single coil sound, or an enhanced single coil sound— all fattened by supporting low-end, provided by the humbucking portion of each pickup. Precise tone preferences are dialed in with the Ibanez Custom 3-band EQ.

At the core of the SR300E is a mahogany body that creates full, warm tone. Other features include a sturdy 5-piece maple/rosewood SR neck, a rosewood fretboard, and the Ibanez Accu-cast bridge for superior string vibration transfer and precise intonation.


Instruments & Gear

Audix Performance SeriesAudix announced the release of its Performance Series, a professional wireless system designed for vocalists, musicians, performers, and presenters. The central component of the system is the easy two-step process of Scan and Sync. Pressing a hot key on the receiver instantaneously Scans for open frequencies. Within 5-20 seconds, depending on the intensity of other wireless frequencies in the area, the system will select an available frequency from a grid of pre-coordinated internal frequencies.  Once the frequency is selected, the user holds the transmitter next to the Sync light on the receiver, and within 1-2 seconds, the transmitter will lock to the receiver. If more than one system is required, the user simply repeats the one-touch Scan and Sync process.

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