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AmahiThe Amahi UK210S features improved intonation, Aquila Nylgut strings, sealed guitar style tuners, a deluxe padded embroidered bag, as well as a dressed fretboard and frets. (The list price is actually $94.95)

Instruments & Gear

Yamaha CSSThe new models provide a significant upgrade from the original CSS series, most notably in their highly durable 1.2mm chrome-plated steel shells, making them the only drums of this kind offered by a major percussion manufacturer specifically for the concert percussion market. Other improvements include a 3-piece zinc/steel tubular lug tuning system to optimize the shell vibration, and a Q-Type strainer which enables the snares to be tightened and released quickly and easily. Coiled snares make it effortless to play even-sounding rolls, perfect for both the beginning and intermediate percussionist, while the 30/45 bearing edge ensures fast transfer of vibration throughout the shell for increased sensitivity and warmth.

Designed with aspiring drummers in mind, the CSS-1450A (9.2 lbs.; 14” X 5”) and CSS-1465A (10.5 lbs.; 14” X 6.5”) are built to be concert snare drums as the first priority, but ideal for all types of situations, including with a drum set.

Yamaha CSS-A series chrome and steel concert snare drums are currently shipping and have an MSRP of $546.00 for the CSS-1405A and $598.00 for CSS-1465A. Both models offer a one-year warranty.

Instruments & Gear

Manhasset Music Stand WeightMANHASSET® Music Stand 2.5 Pound Weight is made of cast iron and is easily attached to the Manhasset Symphony base for dependable performance. Suggested List price for the model #6810 MANHASSET® Music Stand 2.5 Pound Weight is $16.50 (music stand, shaft, and base are sold separately).

Instruments & Gear

Loog GuitarsLoog Guitars is an award-winning line of small, 3-string guitars designed to make it fun and easy for children to play music. They come unassembled for kids and parents to build together and in that way bond with the instrument (and with each other) in a deeper level. The innovative guitars pair with an app that gets kids playing songs on day one.

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Instruments & Gear

Prentice Practice PadsSeparating each pad into two pieces and adding Velcro, so they can easily come apart, allows quick and easy adjustment of the playing surface angle to suit both traditional and matched grip players. Another benefit has to do with the rubber-playing surface. It is actually embedded into the wooden surface of the pad as opposed to simply being glued on top, which provides superior sound quality and a more realistic drum-like bounce. The rubber surface is also available in two thicknesses, which results in two different pitches when played. This makes these pads perfect for use by a student and teacher or two students playing a duet, as you can easily tell who is playing what simply based on pitch. (MSRP: $59.99)

Instruments & Gear

SonorEach series features an extremely limited run of uniquely designed snare drums with spectacular natural grown veneers and new shell designs. For each edition, a specific tree has been selected with the goal in mind to only use the most figured parts of the grain, and set them to meticulously to produce the most stunning vertical grain patterns.

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Instruments & Gear

CharactuneIMS Technologies is proud to introduce the latest additions to the Charactune family: our new bulldog and cat clip-on instrument tuners. They both have presets for chromatic (virtually any instrument), guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele, and work great with fretted, string, woodwind, and brass instruments. The bulldogs come in blue, brown, red, and yellow. The cats come in blue, green, red, and yellow. Both have a suggested retail of $19.99, and along with all IMS products, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to a fund to directly help cancer patients and their families.

Instruments & Gear

ReedGeekThe ReedGeek “ Universal “ Tools are designed to help all woodwind players (both students and professionals), achieve better reed performance – with a compact, portable design and proprietary true-edge retention technology.

The ReedGeek  “G4 ” & “DoubleGeek” are the newest members of the ReedGeek “Universal” family. The DoubleGeek focuses on the specific needs of the double reed player, but is useful for all reed players.  In addition to the ReedGeek Universal tool’s features, both the “G4” & “DoubleGeek”  implement  two new, elongated and curved rail bevels, which are designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine of both single and double reeds. Both tools include ReedGeek’s proprietary black diamond wear finish, which provides ultimate refinement of the cut on natural cane as well as synthetic reeds. The ReedGeek “DoubleGeek”  is the only Universal tool that offers a threaded, removable handle for added leverage and familiarity in the hand.

Instruments & Gear

Rocket HarmonicaThe Rocket harmonica was released in 2014 and is known for its rounded comfortable form as well as its fantastic action due to the innovative design of the chamber openings. The Rocket Low expands the key selection of the original to include low tunings. Low harmonicas are tuned an octave below standard pitch (C3 vs. C4). The expanded key assortment includes Low C, D, Eb, E, and F.

M2016BX Rocket Low Harmonica MSRP $105.00 MAP $79.99

Instruments & Gear

Vandoren Introduces Clarinet Reed Mix CardJanuary 2016, Chicago, IL – Vandoren already offers clarinetists a wide variety of reeds to choose from beyond the widely known Traditional reed – the V12, 56 rue Lepic and the fastest growing reed in popularity, the new V21.  To help players find their favorite reed, Vandoren is pleased to introduce the Clarinet Reed Mix Card which is available in strengths 3, 3.5 and 3.5+.

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