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Instruments & Gear

Chedeville has announced the launch of a completely new range of classical clarinet mouthpieces called the Chedeville Umbra Series.

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Instruments & Gear

KHS America’s Wind Instrument Try-Out Kit is a durable, compact, and affordable trial pack that is an ideal tool for introducing school band instrument mouthpieces to prospective incoming band students.

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Instruments & Gear

These face masks from Henry Heller are reusable and designed for daily wear.

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Instruments & Gear

To round out the quartet of new Premiere by Hite composite blend mouthpieces for 2020, jj Babbitt has unveiled the DH-113 Alto Clarinet mouthpiece.

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Instruments & Gear

The Dominion Standard Shell Packs from ddrum are the latest addition to the resurrected 2020 Dominion Series.

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Instruments & Gear

TAMA’s Dyna-Sync hi-hat stand incorporates several new features, as well as many popular features found other TAMA hi-hat stands, including a newly-designed spring dampener, which greatly reduces any unwanted noise.

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Instruments & Gear

The Jascha Heifetz Violin Strings were created to compliment Meisel’s Jascha Heifetz line of violins.

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Instruments & Gear

D’Addario Accessories’ new Casein Picks bring a premium pick material to the D’Addario line. The Casein pick is available in two shapes: Standard 351 and a Chris Thile Signature Mandolin pick.

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Instruments & Gear

D’Addario Accessories’ Pro Plus Capo features FlexFit technology, so the pad used on the capo arm of these capos mimics the way the anatomy of the human finger functions when fretting a string – so you never have to worry about unwanted buzzing, muted strings or intonation issues caused by varying capo pressure.

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