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Vandoren’s Masters clarinet mouthpiece line has been expanded with the addition of the ‘13’ series which is pitched at A=440. Previously available in two distinct models, Vandoren has also added the CL6 model to the ‘13’ series as well as the standard A=442 series. The Masters line features a unique exterior shape and chamber design, allowing for a resonance and tone color unlike any other Vandoren mouthpiece. The CL6 is designed for clarinetists preferring a slightly more open mouthpiece.                    

Instruments & Gear

The new DV CHI Tenor 9* provides a larger facing and now offers the widest tip opening (.125) in the range. The DV CHI series is designed to produce a darker, less bright tone than the contemporary sound of the JodyJazz DV, but a considerably brighter more modern tone than the JodyJazz DV NY. The baffle/chamber design of the DV CHI allows the player to push more air through the mouthpiece without experiencing any harshness. The DV CHI range is silver-plated.

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Instruments & Gear

Cremona now offers their SV-130 Premier Student Violin Outfit in a choice of six colored finishes, in addition to the standard warm brown finish that is familiar to all. Students can now choose from the available five sparkling colored finishes: Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Rose. The violins utilize material fit for not only beginning students, but more advanced players as well.  As with every Cremona instrument, each SV-130 is hand-crafted from fine tonewoods with both the tops and backs hand-carved and graduated.

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Instruments & Gear

Yamaha’s new V Series Violin and Cello outfits are designed for beginning student string players and feature three violins and three cellos in one-half, three-quarter and full sizes, respectively. Components featured in the V Series outfits include ebony pegs, D’Addario Prelude strings, a composite tailpiece with four fine tuners, wood bow with ebony frog, and sturdy shaped ABS plastic case.

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Instruments & Gear

With its traditional red finish and select spruce top, maple back, sides, and neck, the HV-100 has the beauty to match a quality tone. The fingerboard and fittings are of dyed hardwood and the Cremona VP-201 bridge is of select, aged maple. A lightweight, composite tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners makes tuning easy for the novice.

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Instruments & Gear

Servicing brass instrument slides can be rewarding. With only a few affordable supplies, some basic knowledge, and a little time, you can greatly affect the playing condition of your brass inventory, stretch your repair budget, and have fun getting your hands dirty at the same time! Servicing brass instrument slides can be rewarding.  With only a few affordable supplies, some basic knowledge, and a little time, you can greatly affect the playing condition of your brass inventory, stretch your repair budget, and have fun getting your hands dirty at the same time!


Stuck slides on brass instruments are usually the result of neglect: infrequent cleaning and lubrication and, sometimes, improper lubricants.  Also, examine the slides and connected tubing for dents, as well as for loose braces and solder joints.  Don't try to free slides that have any of these issues, or slides that are adjacent to loose braces, as this could lead to further damage.  Please refer these jobs to a professional repair shop.

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Instruments & Gear

I started playing cornet in third grade and switched to a professional trumpet my second year not due to any great improvement on my part, but because my older brother who was going to high school switched from trumpet to French horn and I inherited his trumpet. I thought that I sounded a lot better on the trumpet, but at that time in my life I was also convinced that a new pair of sneakers would enable me to run faster and jump higher.

Even though I switched to a professional trumpet at an early age, generally the ideal time to purchase a step-up instrument occurs at the transition from junior high/middle school to high school. I spoke with several successful junior high band directors about this and they all agreed on this timetable but also pointed out that exceptions can be made in the case of an advanced and noticeably dedicated student. Students entering high school are also often inspired by the level of "older" players around them as well as exposure to more challenging and sophisticated music.

When buying a step-up instrument, parents must consider whether their child is mature enough to appreciate and care for the instrument. I remember teaching a seventh-grader several years ago with well-to-do parents. They wanted the best for their child so, against my advice, they purchased the most expensive trumpet on the market. Within months, this beautiful instrument looked like it had been through a war zone.

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Instruments & Gear

One of the most important pieces of a marching band is the percussion section. Without the drums to set the pace and keep the beat, the rest of the band would be out of time and out of step. For this Report, SBO is focusing on the all-important marching snare drum. Which model is best for your marching band? Here is an alphabetical sampling of companies offering marching snare drums.

DEG Music Products

The Dynasty USA top and bottom head/pipe band snare drum is used by the Blue Devils, Boston Crusaders, Magic of Orlando, Hawthorne Caballeros, Syracuse Brigadiers and San Francisco Renegades, among others. The Wedge Snare Drum is used for indoor/outdoor playing and features a lightweight design. Drums feature Dynasty Erudite hoops, which increase the durability of the drums. Standard finishes are red, white, black and blue.

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