Instruments & Gear

The Guitarist's Introduction to Jazz by Randy Vincent is designed for people who already play guitar, but want to learn how to play jazz, too.

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Instruments & Gear

The Hug Tuba Stand fits all tubas and adjusts to all players. It is made of steel and weighs only 23 pounds.

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Instruments & Gear

Manhasset Stands’ #5450 Grande music stand was designed with an all-purpose shelf, rather than a storage area in the back of the stand (as featured on the Regal model).

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Instruments & Gear

Showcasing the highest level of MAPEX design and manufacturing capabilities, the Black Panther Design Lab series leverages 30 years of drum making experience and extensive knowledge of the science of sound to bring new sonic concepts to life.

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Instruments & Gear

Alfred Music has released a piano/vocal/guitar songbook for “A Star Is Born.”

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Instruments & Gear

The new TIKI Soprano Stagg Ukulele’s from EMD feature a Sapale top, Mahogany neck, and Walnut fingerboard, complete with Aquila strings and gig bag.

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Instruments & Gear

Hollywoodwinds Inc.’s mouthpiece position guide is a rubber mouthpiece pad that extends the lifespan of a mouthpiece, while also promoting the proper embouchure and proper placement of mouth and teeth.

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Instruments & Gear

Manufactured from heavier gauge phosphor bronze than other SABIAN triangles, new premium center hammered triangles allow for more projection and offer more clarity in any performance venue.

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Instruments & Gear

Martin Authentic Acoustic strings are engineered with the performer in mind and they will always stand up to rigorous practice and performance schedules.

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Instruments & Gear

The Pure Tone Barrel Jack is comprised entirely of highly-conductive copper and with greater surface area at all contact points.

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