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Instruments & Gear

Los Cabos Black Widows are a new type black-dipped red hickory drumstick featuring a glossy black finish and a special new logo, used exclusively on the Black Widows.

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Instruments & Gear

Twenty-seven new and inspiring string orchestra pieces from favorite veteran composers such as Alan Lee Silva, Ruth Elaine Schram, and Yukiko Nishimura, make up Excelcia Music Publishing’s first string orchestra music release.

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Instruments & Gear

The BAM app is an app for the smart instrument case. Musical instruments can be easily located, and their location tracked via the app.

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Instruments & Gear

The Reed-Well is the ultimate tool for soaking and maintaining saxophone and clarinet reeds.

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Instruments & Gear

Sublimated prints continue to be the leading design trend as we head into the 2019 marching season.

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Instruments & Gear

The B&S MBX Heritage Trumpet from Buffet Crampon features a quick responding and free-blowing leadpipe, along with a lightweight gold brass bell and several sets of weighted top and bottom caps to help customize the player’s specific style.

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Instruments & Gear

There are more possibilities in uniform design than ever before. As some directors seek to modernize their look with athletic stretch fabrics and vibrant and intense digitally-printed graphics, others want to maintain tradition and keep their iconic design untouched.

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Instruments & Gear

Our passion was born long before we crafted our first uniform. We have years of experience as educators, performers, musicians, and fans. 

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Instruments & Gear

The new External Sub Muffl Bass Drum System from Remo is a bass drum dampening accessory that features a free-floating external design.

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Instruments & Gear

Pearl’s ICON Rack systems are being greatly expanded with a new selection of clamps and accessories.

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