J.W. Pepper & Music Sales Announce Online Platform Integration

Mike Lawson • News • February 1, 2018

J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. has announced the integration of its Cut Time online group management platform with MusicFirst, the learning management system from Music Sales Corporation.

With the integration of these two online platforms, music teachers can now move seamlessly between Cut Time and MusicFirst to accomplish tasks. 

Together, these systems allow music directors to bring Cut Time’s powerful communication tools to bear with the advanced assignment, practice and assessment engine of MusicFirst.  The goal is for teachers, students and parents to be more connected and informed throughout each student’s musical journey.

MusicFirst offers music teachers and students easy-to-use, affordable cloud-based software and a powerful online classroom that enables music learning, creation, assessment, sharing, and exploration – on any device, anytime, anywhere. Cut Time provides a modern suite of tools that not only assists directors with their work, but also extends meaningful benefits to students, parents and music booster groups who are positively impacted through improved efficiencies to their music program.

According to Kathy Fernandes, chief marketing officer of J.W. Pepper, “Pepper and Music Sales Corp. share the common goal of delivering solutions to music teachers that respect and support the important role teachers play in guiding the curricula.” 

“Our platforms enable delivery of and communication around critical aspects of music programs, helping teachers be successful in meeting the needs and expectations of their students, schools and parents,” she added.    

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