New Products:Tama G-Walnut, the Vintage Poplar Maple, and Vintage Hammered Steel Models

Mike Lawson • • March 7, 2016

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TamaTama has again expanded its Sound Lab Project (S.L.P.) lineup with three new drums, including the G-Walnut, the Vintage Poplar Maple, and Vintage Hammered Steel models.

For the drummer seeking a vintage vibe and tonality, the S.L.P. Vintage Poplar Maple is a 5.5” x 14”, 8-lug drum that offers warm, open sound that fits nicely into medium- volume band mixes such as jazz, rock, blues, and other acoustic-driven styles.

The 6.5” x 14” G-Walnut model features a 10 ply, 9mm Walnut shell. This thicker shell produces a brighter tone and increases sonic presence and punch. Highly dynamic, the G-Walnut is capable of articulating nuanced playing at lower volumes as well as screaming with an abandoned roar.

The randomly angled surfaces of the Vintage Hammered Steel’s 5.5” x 14” shell gives this drum a dark, rich, tonally complex sound that’s dry yet surprisingly articulate. Fitted with triple fanged Sound Arc hoops to help focus overtones, the Vintage Hammered Steel produces full-throated, articulate tone capable of cutting through any mix.

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