Register for 13th Annual Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In 2017

Mike Lawson • News • January 22, 2017

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Each spring, NAMM members gather in Washington, D.C. to “stand up for music education” and to serve as advocates for the right of every child to learn and grow with music. With the passage of the federal education law –Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) – NAMM members, artists and other industry influencers will continue to meet with their congressional representatives to reinforce the importance of music being designated as significant to a well-rounded education.

Additionally, as ESSA guides state and local education policy, NAMM members will have the opportunity to receive updates from key stakeholders, national leaders and officials  on how ESSA will influence state and local education policies over time. NAMM members will also receive training on how local advocates can continue to work for access and equity for music education.

Tentative 2017 Schedule

Monday: NAMM’s music education advocacy efforts kick off on Monday morning with an optional day of service—an opportunity for NAMM members to share the power of music with students at an underserved Washington, D.C. public school.

Tuesday: NAMM members spend Tuesday expanding their expertise as advocates, learning more about the impact of ESSA on state and local education policies and preparing for meetings with Members of Congress. 

Wednesday: NAMM members head to Capitol Hill to meet directly with congressional representatives and staff. The day on the Hill concludes with a Celebration for Music Education Reception to wrap a full day of advocacy meetings.

Thursday: NAMM’s Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In closes with a national SupportMusic Coalition “LIVE from Washington, D.C.” conference call on Thursday morning.

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