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Don’t start playing until you are ready: both mentally and physically set to commence.

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Imagine a story as you perform, whether the music at hand is an étude, a concerto, or a set of scales.

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The warmup process is one the most important factors in developing musicians.

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We all worry about how much students practice. For the last 47 years I have asked band students if they are [also] athletes, and how much they practice.

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When tuning, lightly articulate your tuning pitch a few times. Not only will this allow you to hear if you are above or below the reference pitch more easily, but it also ensures that you are in tune at the attack and not relying on embouchure or air adjustments to stay in tune.

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Saxophone and clarinet players: look in the mirror, place the mouthpiece in your mouth with your normal embouchure and DON’T PLAY.

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When practicing at home, leave your case open, with your instrument ready to play.

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Some of the logistics of running an ensemble can be cumbersome. To alleviate this, I hire a student in the ensemble to serve as the Band Manager for the school year.

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I like to use a Hoberman sphere ( as a tool to show my students how to play effective dynamics.

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I have over ninety students in one sixth grade beginning band class, and it always takes a little longer to get them seated and settled.

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