SBO 2021 Director Travel Survey

We all know that student travel is incredibly important for recruiting and retention in school music programs.
The Monmouth Regional High School marching band performs classic songs for guests at Universal Studios Florida as part of Universal Orlando’s STARS Performance Program
Undoubtably, a return to travel for students is coming at some point, but with fifty states with different rules, and even more rules from district-to-district, what the “normal” because is anyone’s guess.

Please take a moment to fill out this anonymous SBO 2021 Director Travel Survey, for publication in our December issue.

No identifying information is requested, and you can answer only those questions you wish to answer. The survey will close November 26, the day after Thanksgiving.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and thoughts on student travel with your fellow 20,0000+ fellow readers of SBO 

2021 Director Survey

IncreasedDecreasedAbout the same
5%10%20-25%40-50%More than 50%
5%10%20-25%40-50%More than 50%
LocalInstateOut of State
YesNoAbout the SameWe use School Buses
YesNoWe have not discussed it
Same yearOne yearTwo Years or more
Not at all importantSomewhat importantVery importantWe could not travel without fundraising
Plan my ownUse a serviceCombination of both
We won't travel again without itCase by case for trip typeStill not interested in itWe will suggest, but not require student purchase
Festival participationGroup performance venueParade/other marchingEducational workshopAll of theseNone of these
YesNoWe have in the past, but no longer will
YesNoIt depends on the trip
OrlandoNew York CityWashington, D.C/VALos AngelesBostonChicagoNone of These
1 Night2 Nights3-4 Nights5 or MoreOvernight not required

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