The Venova from Yamaha

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • November 17, 2017

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The Venova from Yamaha is an innovative casual wind instrument that’s compact and lightweight.

Created with innovative Yamaha technology, the Venova features a unique branched-pipe structure that gives it a bright and rich timbre with plenty of volume. Its ABS resin body is smaller, lighter and more durable than conventional wind instruments. 

Like a saxophone or clarinet, the Venova is a single-reed instrument that produces different sound nuances depending on how you blow it. It’s capable of playing everything from powerful passages to beautiful soft, expressive melodies. Easy, recorder-style fingering makes it ideal for beginners and novices, while more experienced players will appreciate the musical possibilities provided by its fully chromatic two-octave range. The Venova comes with a mouthpiece, a synthetic reed, a mouthpiece cap, and a durable carrying case with a strap.

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