Yamaha Disklavier Enspire

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • October 6, 2016

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Yamaha Disklavier Enspire is the seventh generation of Disklavier pianos. Replacing the popular E3 series, Disklavier Enspire is designed as a high-resolution reproducing piano system with a new streamlined design eliminating the control box of previous generations, while an intuitive app enables it to be controlled by Apple® iOS and AndroidTM devices, as well as PCs and Macs.

The controller app provides direct access to over 500 built-in songs and over 6,000 performances that can be downloaded directly to the instrument from the Yamaha MusicSoft online store. Exclusive streaming radio and video services enable access to a variety of performances that have included the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Newport Music Festival and even a special Elton John concert. These performances can be experienced “live” or on-demand on the Disklavier ENSPIRE, all in the comfort of the home.

Users can now listen to unique stereo ensemble recordings with piano performances from the largest and most recognized artist roster in the world, including “The New Cool” (Bob James & Nathan East); “Angel” and “I Will Remember You” (Sarah McLachlan); “Gran Torino” (Jamie Cullum) and “Reverie” (Frederic Chiu).

Solo piano connoisseurs will appreciate the instrument’s  high-resolution recording and playback features. The instrument also possesses, Yamaha’s AccuPlay technology, an integrated DSP servo drive system that monitors key, hammer, pedal and solenoid movement during playback and automatically adjusts in real-time to ensure accurate performance reproduction. This means that the Disklavier ENSPIRE can recreate the subtlest nuances of a performance – from the softest pianissimo passages right through to the thunderous fortissimos – just as the original artist intended.

Yamaha has sold more Disklavier pianos than any other modern day reproducing piano manufacturer, and the instrument has been embraced by top schools worldwide for its educational and distance learning capabilities.

“Yamaha is at the forefront of innovation, and technology has made them the leader in reproducing pianos and the most awarded manufacturer for almost 30 years,” said Robert Catalano, general manager, Music Exchange, a piano dealer in Northern California. “The ENSPIRE has taken the Disklavier to an entirely new level of technology and hassle-free enjoyment. It is the new standard other manufacturers will try to emulate, and there is simply no better instrument on the market.”


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