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Yamaha’s EZ-300 Keyboard

Victoria Wasylak • Instruments & Gear • December 3, 2020

The EZ-300 personal electronic keyboard features 61 light-up keys, an expandable playlist of built-in popular songs, and the unique Keys to Success lesson mode.

Thanks to the light-up keyboard, even someone who has never touched a musical instrument before can play along with a song within seconds of turning the EZ-300 on, just by following the lights. The keys are also touch-sensitive, meaning that playing them with more force makes the notes louder, just like on an acoustic piano. Although the EZ-300 comes right out of the box with 140 songs built in, users can expand its song library via simple drag-and-drop of MIDI song files (downloaded from the Yamaha online shop) from their Mac or PC directly via a USB connection. No additional apps are required.

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