Zylia Portable Recording Studio

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • December 12, 2016

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Zylia is a portable recording studio consisting of the ZM-Microphone, a studio application, and a cloud platform—designed to allow multi track recording and seperation of instrument tracks.

The Zylia ZM-1 is a spherical microphone that was designed specifically for multi-track music recording. The main features of the microphone are: 19 microphone capsules, an LED ring status indicator, 48 KHz / 24 bit recording, and USB connectivity.

Zylia Studio is a dedicated application which enables recording and processing. The main features of the application are:  a desktop application for MAC and Linux; an ability to create, cut, and store recordings; ability to extract individual instruments into separate tracks; ability to create a balanced recording by mixing individual instruments; can produce stereo tracks in WAV, can export tracks into any DAW software; receives free software updates

The Zylia Cloud is the audio processing heart of the Zylia Portable Recording Studio. It’s main features are: online storage and processing, user profile setup, handling of payments, data synchronization between multiple devices, and a freemium subscription model


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