SBO Survival Guide

Mike Lawson • Archives • July 24, 2007

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Survival Checklist


  • Set clear expectations for classroom and rehearsal behavior.
  • Implement a transparent system for evaluation/grading.
  • Involve parents and student leadership: Form a booster group to assist with fundraising and logistical planning.
  • Liaise with school administrators/the school board about funding, supplies, and potential upcoming trips and festivals.
  • Plan the year-long curriculum in advance and in your calendar include items such as parent-teacher conferences, pep band performances, competitions, and travel.
  • Develop contacts at local music stores for instrument/equipment purchase and maintenance.
  • Build a band Web site that will allow you to keep parents, students, and administrators up-to-date on your program’s achievements and upcoming events.
  • Select a variety of repertoire (from “reassuring” to “challenging”).
  • Establish a peer mentoring system for multi-level classes.
  • For the sanity of both you and your students, maximize efficiency in the classroom and minimize extracurricular rehearsals.
  • Continue to perform music and attend concerts independent of your school program.
  • Seek out peers from whom you can learn and gain assistance.
  • Be realistic about what you can and cannot achieve.

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