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  • Tips for Livestreaming Your Next Performance

    Elisa Janson Jones | March 6, 2021My kids have been doing band in-person since getting back to school from the holiday break. They use masks and bell covers and are being as clean as possible for teenagers and our district as proven that Covid isn’t spreading through our schools so it’s happening. That being said, they’re limiting attendance at the upcoming […] Read More...
  • #1 Recruiting Mistake to Avoid

    Elisa Janson Jones | February 5, 2021Unless your band and orchestra classes are compulsory, you’re likely starting to think about how to recruit for your ensembles next year. Building a robust instrumental program can be done using the tools and resources available to you online, many of which you may have used before, but there are a few paradigm shifts that […] Read More...
  • The Self-Care Strategy You Need to Implement Today

    Mike Lawson | January 8, 2021

    It can hardly be contested that music educators need to be zealous about self-care in the best of times, with the long hours associated with performances, and the high-stress quotient of so much of what we do.

  • Why Band Students are Quitting … and What You Can Do About It

    Mike Lawson | December 3, 2020

    I recently ran an informal conversation in the Music Educators Creating Online Learning Facebook Group to ask teachers why they think students are quitting band and the responses were pretty challenging. There were a few responses that kept coming up again and again. Let’s cover a few of the dominant ones and explore some ways we can combat them.

  • How To Host Your Holiday Concerts Online

    Mike Lawson | October 28, 2020

    The cool crispness in the air, the crackle of the fire, and the sound of your co-workers planning their holiday vacations: it’s all a sign you won’t get to fully relax until the holiday performances are over. And what might your performances look like this year? Will you even have one? And if you do, how can you make it truly an event, and not just another class Zoom call?

  • Building Rapport with Students Online or in the Classroom

    Mike Lawson | October 1, 2020

    Whether you’ve been in school for the last several weeks or you’re just seeing students for the first time this year, building rapport is more important now than ever. If you are teaching entirely online, like many of us are, it may be particularly challenging right now.

  • Life Hacks for Stressed-Out Music Teachers

    Mike Lawson | September 2, 2020

    When things feel crazy and out of control, one of the best things we can do to make us feel better about the situation is to take control of the things we can.

  • 10 Advantages of Online Learning

    Mike Lawson | July 31, 2020

    This month, as many of us return to some form of teaching, tensions are running high. Many of us will be in school with students and many of us will not be. Either way, it seems there will be some form of online learning still happening.

  • Five Ways to Kick Off Your Marching Band Season No Matter What

    Mike Lawson | July 15, 2020

    Ah...the world of band and orchestra right now. How complex and challenging a time we are living in! One of the most challenging issues we are facing is how to plan for next school year when we don’t have any idea what mandates will come down from our administration, district, or state.

  • 5 Tips for Going Back to School, Online or In the Classroom

    Mike Lawson | June 15, 2020

    One of the biggest concerns music teachers are faced with this month is this: What will our classroom look like when school resumes?

  • Your Online Summer Event Calendar

    Mike Lawson | April 30, 2020

    Your favorite summertime professional development event has been cancelled. Now what? You were counting on those PD credits for re-licensure, and the event for some fun connecting with like-minded music educators.

  • Top Tips for Teaching Online

    Mike Lawson | March 27, 2020

    At the end of 2019, I made one of the best decisions of my life – I started my Doctorate of Education degree. Being the non-traditional music educator that I am, I opted for a degree in Instructional Design (ID).

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