JodyJazz Announces New HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ Model

SBO Staff • Instruments & GearNews • July 11, 2021

HR* Clarinet ‘Once’

JodyJazz has expanded its selection of HR* Series Clarinet mouthpieces with the introduction of the new HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ model. ‘Once’ is the Spanish word for 11. The new model has been developed in response to requests from the Banda Music community for an HR* Clarinet mouthpiece with an even larger tip opening than the 10 model which was previously the largest tip opening available. The new HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ model has the largest tip opening of any commercially available clarinet mouthpiece on the market. 

“The tip openings available for our HR* Clarinet model were previously 1 through 10,” said Jody Espina, Founder & President of JodyJazz. “The 9 and 10 have quickly become popular in the Banda Music community in the USA and in Mexico. We started receiving requests to make an even larger tip opening than our 10 model, so we are happy now to introduce the mouthpiece in a size 11 tip opening. We want to thank all the clarinetists in the Banda community who have already made the HR* Clarinet series their preferred mouthpiece. It seemed only natural to name this new 11 tip opening the ‘Once’ in their honor.” 

“Even with this very large tip opening the HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ is still very easy to play,” Espina continued. “The HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ will give you the biggest sound of your life and make playing the clarinet more comfortable since you will have as much volume as you need.” 

The HR* Clarinet models in tip openings 1–5 have a classical sound and feel while being nice and free-blowing. Tip openings 6-10 are brighter and louder to cut through many live situations that clarinetists find themselves in. The new HR* 

Clarinet ‘Once’ has a tip opening size of 0.085″ / 2.16mm and is the brightest and loudest of them all. 

JodyJazz wishes to give special thanks to Sofía Zumbado of the SZ Music Shop in Mexico City for her support and help in spreading the word about the new HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ mouthpieces. 

The new HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ models are made at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah, GA. The company starts with rod rubber and then manufactures them from beginning to end using state of the art CNC machines and expert mouthpiece artisans on the crucial and indispensable handwork. The company has made consistency it’s number one priority and as a result has instituted the most extensive series of mandatory measurements and play testing in the industry. 

Like the other HR* Series Clarinet models the new HR* Clarinet ‘Once’ mouthpiece has an MSRP of $189.00 and is available now. 

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