Maybe a True Story

Thomas Palmatier • August 2023Commentary • August 20, 2023

SBO+: I get asked to present quite a few conducting workshops, especially for busy music educators who may not have the time or money to attend the many summer symposia that are out there. From time to time, I will share some of the things I often include in those workshops.

Maybe a True Story

A musician calls to see what time rehearsal is that night. The person on the phone says, “There’s no rehearsal, the conductor died.” He hangs up, hits re-dial, and asks when rehearsal is. They say, “There’s no rehearsal, the conductor died.” He does this four more times and the person on the phone asks why he keeps calling because after all, the conductor is dead. 
His reply is:  “I know – I just like hearing you say it.”

In case you think you’re the “big deal” in your ensemble, don’t forget:

You are the only one onstage who doesn’t make music.

You serve The Composer, The Audience, and The Musicians.

Your role is simply to enable the musicians to make great music.

Treat musicians with respect and they will reward you.

First – DO NO HARM. Don’t be the reason your ensemble doesn’t reach its full potential.

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