Mock Studio: Music Tech Products Primer

Mike Lawson • Archives • April 1, 2005

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As more and more students, parents, and teachers become interested in recording School Bands, using computer-aided learning tools, sequencing, and so on, “music technology” is fast becoming a vital component of a comprehensive music education. One thing that we’ve learned through speaking with music directors about music-making software and related equipment is that many choose not to bother with such products simply because they don’t understand them.

While it’s unquestionably ideal to have an in-house “expert” on every item you might be using, grasping the fundamentals of music technology is well within anyone’s reach. Software and other equipment necessary for home and amateur recording or sequencing is a rapidly expanding segment of the market and products are becoming more “user-friendly” every day.

In the spirit of debunking the notion that music software and the like is “too difficult” or “mysterious,” we’re going to list, in very basic terms, some of the essential equipment that a person might need in order to run a rudimentary, computer-based home and/or mobile recording studio, or digital learning workstation. This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor do we mean to suggest that the below product categories represent the only (or best) way to go about taking the plunge into the world of computer-aided music production.

To those who already use music-making software, perhaps you’ll notice a related item on our list that you can easily add to your personal inventory. For those who have yet to delve into this tech-driven area, hopefully you’ll find that it’s not so hard to understand the essentials – and you’ll likely recognize that much of the equipment covered in our “mock studio” is already familiar and perhaps already in your possession.

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