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20 Health Benefits of Music

Eliahu Sussman • News • December 25, 2013

20 scientifically proven health benefits of music, per USA Today

A recent article in USA Today provides a concise list of 20 health benefits to music, with summarizing facts and links to the research behind these findings. The benefits include: 


1. Ease pain. 

2. Motivate people to bike harder. 

3. Improve running motivation and performance. 

4. Increase workout endurance.

5. Speed up post-workout recovery. 

6. Improve sleep quality.

7. Help people eat less. 

8. Enhance blood vessel function.

9. Reduce stress.

10. Induce a meditative state.

11. Relieve symptoms of depression. 

12. Elevate mood. 

13. Improve cognitive performance. 

14. Help people perform better in high-pressure situations. 

15. Reduce anxiety as much as a massage. 

16. Relax patients before surgery. 

17. Ease stress after surgery. 

18. Elevate mood while driving. 

19. Help cancer patients manage stress and anxiety. 

20. Ease recovery in stroke patients. 

Read the entire article here:

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