2017 Yamaha Music School Advantage Program a Success

Mike Lawson • News • June 23, 2017

More than 20 representatives from 18 Yamaha Music Schools across the country attended the Yamaha Music School Advantage program on June 15 in Las Vegas.

The free workshop, which is designed to assist educators in improving their performance, was sponsored by Yamaha as part of the company’s Dealer Development Services.

Alan Friedman, CPA and partner with Friedman, Kannenberg & Company, P.C., and Tom Hemphill, marketing manager, Yamaha Music Education both led the workshop. In the program, Yamaha Music Schools can develop relationships with their local communities and improve their skills in finances, sales, marketing, operation and employee training.

“Yamaha Music School Advantage was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction, along with a significant increase in attendance this year,” said Garth Gilman, corporate vice president, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Aside from the industry-leading Yamaha Music School model, one of the ways Yamaha brings value to our business partners is through this program. Providing expert advice from nationally respected business advisors that can be immediately utilized by owners and key staff to drive operational excellence is a key draw.”

The workshop elicited a positive response from everyone who attended.

“Music School Advantage was not only insightful, but also practical,” said Julia Liu of Yamaha Music Academy of FountainValley, California. “Everything was easy to apply and understand for music schools and owners, and I appreciated the topics, speakers and arrangements.”

“It was great to talk money. If finances are not in order, everything else is in trouble,” said Heidi Grimes at East Valley Yamaha Music School in Chandler, Arizona. “This experience was very enjoyable, and necessary for continuing excellence.”

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