More than just a Salesman

Mike Lawson • Archives • November 10, 2008

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Top 10 qualities educators want in a road rep:

  1. Reliability
  2. Knowledge of Instruments and Program
  3. Honesty
  4. Friendliness
  5. Punctuality
  6. Helpfulness
  7. Flexibility
  8. Organization
  9. Consistency
  10. Professionalism

Top 10 qualities educators don’t want in a road rep:

  1. Pushiness
  2. Unreliability
  3. Lack of Knowledge
  4. Lack of Punctuality
  5. Inconsideration of Teacher’s Time
  6. Forgetfulness
  7. Arrogance
  8. Disorganized
  9. Rumor Mongering
  10. Dishonesty

Amidst the hectic schedule that today’s music educators contend with, a friendly face can be a welcome sight. One key member of the support team should be the road sales representative. This valuable resource can provide assistance with most of a music educator’s classroom needs, from method books and sheet music to musical instrument purchase and repair.

However, not all road reps are created equally. This latest SBO survey asks readers for the specifics of what they look for in a road rep.

SBO readers were asked to rank the following Road Rep behavioral traits on a scale of least important (1) to most important (5):

Comes consistently and reliably at a scheduled time

NA 0
1 0
2 1%
3 1%
4 21%
5 77%
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