June, 2009

Mike Lawson • Archives • June 1, 2009

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Manhasset’s Wall & Harmony Stands
The Wall Stand (Model # 56) is designed for those applications where circumstances involve limited space and not enough room to conveniently use conventional stands. The Wall Stand is attached to the wall using a wall-mounted base plate. The actual stand can easily be connected and disconnected to the base plate. The Wall Stand can be moved to an infinite number of positions. The extension puts the desk axis point 10-inches from the connecting and base plate. This stand can be used in practice rooms, sound studios, above keyboards and pianos, or other locations where space is limited, or where a fixed-location stand is desired.

The Harmony Stand (Model # 81) is designed for functionality and has a floor stacking base for convenient storage. For example, since their bases stack together so tightly, it takes only six feet to store 25 stands, and 50 stands can be stored in about 10 linear feet of space. The Harmony Stand comes with a durable ABS plastic desk, but can also be purchased with the traditional Manhasset aluminum desk. The stand incorporates Manhasset’s “Magic Finger Clutch” no-knob height adjustment. The height ranges from 26″ to 48″ (measuring from the desk ledge to the ground), and has an overall height of about 60″ (to the top of the desk). This stand is also available with the shorter Concertino shaft.


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