Getting with the Program: Materials for Learning Software Part 1 of 2

Mike Lawson • Archives • December 18, 2007

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One of the biggest drawbacks of using and teaching music technology is the learning curve for nearly every new software application. Why does this exist? Because before you can get the software working for you, there’s a different interface and a plethora of new keystrokes and pull-downs to master. Manuals are often difficult to decipher, or they overload the user with information, which makes it easy to miss some of the essential commands and, as a result, software programs become under-utilized. When maximizing its potential is so often unclear, it’s no wonder music technology can be too easily dismissed as an optional budget item.

However, there is a way to maximize your efficiency with these programs. Third-party resources (books, the Web, CD or DVD tutorials) can make a world of difference. These top-notch instructional materials can benefit you and your students in and outside your class. In this and the next technology columns, more than 35 new music technology/tutorial resources are reviewed for your convenience and possible use. These dynamic resources can help you learn the software and teach “outside the box” with confidence and clarity.

Books on Music Notation Products
Trying to master all those bells and whistles in music notation applications can stress us out. Here are a few outstanding new notation books and DVDs a Finale or Sibelius user must take a look at:

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