September, 2009

Mike Lawson • Archives • September 10, 2009

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The Beamz Professional
The Beamz Professional is a new packaged product which bundles the Beamz musical instrument with the new Beamz Studio software. Used as a MIDI player and controller, Beamz Professional adds a new visual impact to musical performances by playing music clips and MIDI instruments assigned to the Beamz lasers instead of pushing buttons or turning knobs to trigger sounds and effects.

The Beamz Professional product consists of the actual unit, which is a “W-shaped” controller that features six laser beams, a USB cord linking the unit to a computer, and the Beamz Studio software combined with a DLS collection of Beamz-composed music clips. Players also receive two music CDs with the purchase of the system, featuring 30 original songs from a variety of music categories or genres including rock, jazz, blues, reggae, country, hip hop, Latin, and classical.

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