Playing Tip of the Month

Mike Lawson • Archives • May 1, 2002

School music educators who submit their Playing Tips to School Band and Orchestra online will be eligible to win an embroidered SBO polo shirt. To enter, music educators can register their playing tips on the SBO Web site. One playing tip will be selected as the winner each month and, in addition to being awarded the prize, the winner’s performance tip will be published in a subsequent issue of School Band and Orchestra magazine. Register your playing tip today!

Here’s the tip from this month’s winner, Todd Riddleberger, Parkside High School, Salisbury, Md.:

“When in the final stages of preparation for any form of concert or performance, be sure to allow your students the opportunity to execute a ‘walk-through’ of the event. In other words, make sure all students understand how and when they will enter and exit the performance area and that ‘off-stage’ responsibilities have been fulfilled. This can be especially helpful when two or more ensembles (such as band and chorus) are performing in the same program and the movement of large quantities of people and equipment is necessary. When students are relaxed and not worried about the logistical considerations of a concert, the performance itself is almost always of a higher quality.”

The editorial staff at School Band and Orchestra would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the directors who submitted their playing tips throughout February and March. Please continue to visit our Web site for important information for school band and orchestra directors.


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