Adding Value to Summer Fun

Mike Lawson • Archives • March 23, 2007

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Summer provides students and teachers alike with much-needed time for rest and relaxation, but one way to recharge those musical and creative batteries for the following year is through attending or working at a summer music camp.

Band and orchestra camps are a great opportunity for student musicians to explore music in the company of motivated and talented peers; for educators, it’s a chance to work closely with expert colleagues, explore different teaching techniques, and earn a few extra bucks on the side. SBO recently sent a survey out to our readership asking for your thoughts on the subject of summer music camps.

Does your school or program have an affiliation with a summer music camp?

What percentage of your students attends a summer music camp?

What are the principal benefits of summer music programs?

“Any activity that provides students the opportunity to experience goal setting and achieving that can only be accomplished through personal willpower, effort, creativity, and enthusiasm is a wonderful teaching tool. The influence [these students have] on their peers as they put what they have learned from summer camps and clinics into practice is priceless.”

Kelly Medford
Eagleville School
Eagleville, Tenn.

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