Masterfoods USA proudly presents: Playing Tip of the Month

Mike Lawson • Archives • October 22, 2006

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“In an effort to build and strengthen breath support, we created a challenge, called ‘Long Tone Challenges.’ The students challenged and timed each other while holding a long tone. The maximum time they could challenge one person was twice and they must write the times for both students. They listed their time and the student that they challenged on the paper. This was a long-winded race! Prizes were awarded to the student who could hold the note the longest and the person who challenged the most people.”

Lorene Veatch
Sisseton High School
Sisseton, SD

School music educators who submit their Playing Tips to School Band and Orchestra online will be eligible to win an embroidered SBO polo shirt as well as a special prize from Masterfoods USA. To enter, music educators can register their playing tips on the SBO Web site. One playing tip will be selected as the winner each month and, in addition to being awarded the prize, the winner’s performance tip will be published in a subsequent issue of School Band and Orchestra magazine. Register your playing tip today!

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