Accessories: Drumdots

Mike Lawson • Instruments & Gear • January 8, 2016

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DrumdotsDrumdots don’t mute or muffle a drum – deadening it, like other products. Drumdots are engineered to control the ring without sacrificing the drum’s natural tone. Testing shows that one drumdot has 2x the over-ring reduction time compared to the leading competitor, while maintaining more of the natural frequency of the drum.

More details at Drumdot (www.

They are made of a special polymer, V-Tem. It sticks without being sticky and allows the drumhead to “breathe” more like an un-dampened drum. Drumdots can be used upside-down on the resonator head, vertical on the bass drum, and even on cymbals and cowbells. They clean up with a drop of baby oil, warm soap, and water, to like-new condition. They won’t detract from the look of any drum kit and won’t leave a residue on the drumhead.

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