Adoro’s Silent Beater and Silent E-Sticks

Mike Lawson • December 2020Instruments & Gear • December 29, 2020

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Adoro’s Silent Beater is a bass drum beater designed to cut bass drum volume in half without muting the drum.

The beater, assembled by hand at Adoro HQ in Hamburg, Germany, consists of a barrel-shaped beater head of high-density shock-absorbing rubber affixed to a polymer rod set into a metal sleeve that fits any bass drum pedal. A Velcro-affixed contact pad of felt on the batter end of the beater head softens the blow as it and the Velcro compress upon impact.

In addition, Adoro’s Silent E-Sticks reduce contact sound on electronic drums as well as practice pads. With their blue X-Grip handles, Silent E Sticks differ from the black-grip Silent Sticks in subtle ways. The X-grips are slightly larger and softer for increased shock absorption. The Dual Loop Reflex Tips are of a softer gauge of monofilament nylon that flexes more readily upon contact to virtually eliminate pad “thwack” while still triggering the pads as normal.

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