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Alfred Music’s ‘Harmony Handbook’

Victoria Wasylak • Instruments & Gear • June 29, 2019

Harmony Handbook is a new resource for developing treble choirs.

The book offers a step-by-step guide that will take beginners from unison to two-part singing by focusing on the underlying aural and developmental skills necessary for success. Sequential chapters on unison, echo, round, and partner singing serve as benchmarks along the way to full harmony. Each of ten carefully curated songs is prefaced with a two-page rehearsal guide that targets essential objectives and suggests exercises and activities designed to introduce, explore, and master the pieces.

Harmony Handbook offers a number of available options for purchase at music retail stores, online retailers, and Teacher’s Handbook & Online PDF/Audio ($59.99), Teacher’s Handbook & Online PDF ($29.99), Enhanced CD ($39.99), and Online Audio ($39.99).

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